Never Say #Never…Trump

Sep 24

Just as people confuse patriotism with faith, I wonder if we sometimes confuse faith with patriotism. I confess that, at times, I may have confused the two. And yet, despite the two being separate, God can use any situation, including politics, to bring about His will.

What if He is doing just that to lead Donald Trump to Christ?  Trump-9-1024x576

Prior to this election, Trump likely had little to no interaction with evangelical Christians—and now they surround him. You can’t tell me these passionate Christians aren’t using the opportunity to discuss his faith. Heck, they are laying hands on him and praying over him every chance they get. If we believe the Bible, God answers prayers. Who’s to say that God isn’t changing Trump’s heart on the campaign trail?

So why are so many Christians insisting that Trump is no better than his past? Didn’t Jesus give us hope and a future?

I confess that I was strongly in the ‪#NeverTrump camp,…not just because of his past, but also for how he treated Ted Cruz during the Republican primary. But over the last few months, I’ve seen a softening in Trump’s approach and a self control that I PRAY is the Holy Spirit. At this point, He may have only tasted it, but what if he fully ingests?

Saul, who became Paul, was a murderer before God set him apart for His purpose. Shortly after, Christians were called to tend to Paul and welcome him into the fold. These Christians were well aware of Paul’s evil past and fearful he might still try to kill them. And yet, these Christians gave Paul a second chance.

I have to imagine there were Christians who were in the ‪#NeverSaul camp. Imagine being against the guy responsible for writing more than half of the New Testament.

Now, I am in no way equating Trump’s role in the church to that of the Apostle Paul. But I am making the point that God can use those with the most sordid pasts to bring about His will in the future…and answer our prayers. Trump may be a past adulterer, but so was David—a man after God’s own heart.

The same holds true for Hillary Clinton. I may be a conservative, but I continually pray for both candidates, that they would know the Lord and love Him with all their heart, mind and soul. The difference between Trump and Hillary is that I’m starting to see some fruit when it comes to Trump. On several occasions, he has publically apologized for being inappropriate at times and recently recognized that getting into heaven requires something outside of his own efforts. For an egomaniac, that’s fruit!

So who am I to say, #NeverTrump or #NeverHillary? If it is God’s will, so be it. Regardless of how I vote, God will prevail. I just hope that His will includes bringing anyone seeking the highest office in our nation to know Jesus as their Savior.

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3 Responses to Never Say #Never…Trump

  1. Susie says:

    Right on young lady. I agree. Trump has been prayed for many times and I like you
    hope that it is having a profound effect. I have also heard that Hillary at a young
    age accepted Jesus so God is working in many ways I believe.

  2. Lesllie says:

    I too have noticed more heart in Trumps pursuit of Presidency. I do believe that God turns many foolish things and people into things and people that absolutely are renewed with a whole new destiny…The people who think others can never change are correct …if left to themselves, but with God all things are possible. I am one whom He has forever changed.

    Go Trump
    from one of the adorable “deplorables”

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